Usually you do the Hokey Cokey in a circle with your friends, but these special astronauts are doing the Hokey Cokey on the moon! Can you join in?

Is a skeleton scary? Or is a skeleton just like you?

Here are some mixed-up animals. Can you read the clues and make these crazy creatures?

Listen to the descriptions of different people. Can you find the right face?

A clown’s face will certainly make you smile. Label the parts of the clown’s face in this picture.
Here is a picture of a clown's face. Can you colour the picture? Read or listen to the instructions.

Do you know the words for different parts of your body in English? Can you guess these words?
Can you spell the words for the parts of the body in English? Play this game to practise.
There are eight body parts in this game. Can you match the words and pictures?

Siriwat isn't feeling very well. Can his dad and the doctor help him?

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